Arturo Cantu & Irma Gil

I first met Jane at an open house. I was looking for a local agent to represent my husband and me in the sale of our home.

She impressed me with her attentiveness and warmth. We emailed us that evening offering to meet us. She reviewed an impressive detailed plan for the sale our home and we agreed to have her represent us. We have no regrets.

Jane is very knowledgeable and helped us price our home just right. We were so impressed she also helped us with the search and purchase of our new smaller home in the area that was just right for us.

Jane was available when we needed her and walked us through all the steps of the sale and purchase of our homes. She is a warm hard working individual with a good sense of humor.

She is the best!

Andy & Lisa Enos

They don't come any better than Jane! She handled a difficult sale for my family that included out-of-town sellers (us) with incredible skill! She brought us three excellent offers, was always accessible, answered all of our questions, and steered us through the entire process without any glitches or problems.

We HIGHLY recommend Jane!

Charlene McLaughlin & Meg Warner

My partner and I have purchased numerous homes in different parts of the country and have always been fortunate to have excellent agents. However Jane Mott took it to a new level. Never before have we experienced someone who ask questions and listened so well. She was so prepared and professional from the start to the finish. She was very respectful of our time and worked very hard for us. Our experience was exceptional and we have and will continue to recommend Jane. We love our home and it has been an excellent investment. Thanks Jane

Jon & Laura Messer

Jane was incredibly helpful to us in selling our house. She represented us on a what ended up being a short sale. She took care of staging and showing the house and was able to get us qualified buyers very quickly.

When the deal went nowhere due to the bank being unresponsive, Jane stuck in there and found us another buyer, when the bank finally responded Jane handled all of the details of the short sale negotiations with the bank.

I can't recommend her highly enough. We will be moving back to the area soon and will definitely be having Jane take care of us.

John & Kerry Gillette

Jane was very calm and collected while handling a fairly complex transaction that included dealing with multiple offers, septic, and multiple contingencies.

I would highly recommend Jane for someone seeking an honest professional realtor.

Daniel & Vanessa Yerekham

As first time home buyers, my wife and I are completely thrilled with our experience with Jane. She helped us find a home in a very difficult market and made the experience much less stressful than it could have been with another agent. She is a consummate professional and was a strong advocate for us throughout the entire process. She was prompt and proactive with all of her communications with us and was always diligent about submitting offers and getting us information quick. Jane went above and beyond, giving us recommendations for home services and keeping us on top of deadlines during the escrow period. On top of that, she is extremely easy to get along with and was an encouraging, positive presence in our time with her. Choose Jane Mott for your next home purchase! Thank you so much, Jane!

Marv & Sarah Peterson

We found Jane Mott by chance at an open house and made our best decision in the buying and selling process when we decided to use her. She was very helpful in providing advice and expertise in getting our old home in presentable shape and sold - even during the slow winter period.

In our search for a new home she truly showed her professional and personal skill. We had very specific criteria that were difficult to meet and only vaguely defined and also often had contradictory notions of style, location and the like. She was great at getting us to look at different alternatives and helping us to sort our own likes, dislikes and tastes - even some of our conflicting views! She was patient with us, persistent in keeping us informed about new possibilities and always professional in presenting the advantages and disadvantages of the many different homes we previewed. In the end we found an ideal place that fit our initial criteria (with some modifications) and satisfied us that the time and effort was worth the effort.

Anna Durante & Jerremy Holland

Jane Mott is an exceptional real estate agent. She has helped us with two transactions in the Santa Cruz area and we credit her with making both transactions go very smoothly (including a short sale).

When we first started looking at homes in Santa Cruz, we met at least a dozen realtors. They all wanted our business, but we just didn't click with them. They were often too chatty. We lived over the hill and didn't have a lot of time to waste. We had to be very efficient with our time and excessive chatting wasn't desirable.

We met Jane when she was doing an Open House and she was extremely professional. She immediately started providing quality information that was very helpful towards our search. She also told us about a promotion that she had going where she gave buyers $1000 back if they purchased a home with her. We were looking at homes during the peak of the recession and we thought this was clever marketing. It reflected her creativity in business.

The first thing Jane did was to add us to the David Lyng MLS system. We entered a profile of our desired property and then the system sent us listings that matched our criteria. Beyond that, Jane started to identify properties. She initially took us to NUMEROUS properties in a variety of areas in order to help us figure out our target neighborhood. Jane was *incredibly* patient. We were new to the Santa Cruz area, so we looked at a lot of homes before we targeted Aptos. It was a great help that Jane grew up in Santa Cruz, so she knew every single neighborhood. She'd let us know when the "deal" we were looking at was in a very undesirable neighborhood. It saved us a lot of footwork.

Where Jane shines the most is during the contract process. Jane stays amazingly calm through everything. There are always tense moments during the closing process. Inspection reports come back with surprises or both parties find themselves disagreeing over an item. Jane knew when to calm our nerves over the small stuff and when to raise the flag over the big things. She has a great sense of humor, which is also always helpful during tense moments. Lastly, Jane works really well with other real estate agents. This is a great help because she is very good at negotiating the issues.

We highly recommend Jane to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Santa Cruz area